Container (Tank Container) Check Digit Calculation

Several years ago I’ve developed a small program to calculate Container Check Digit. The software was actually put together within a day but later generated such an interest from shipping companies and other freight or trading organisations, that I even decided to distribute the shareware version of it over the Internet. You can still find it for sale on many download sites, but I am no longer following it up or supporting it in any sense.

Based on the popularity of my previous Technical article for the IT professionals, I’ve decided to compile and upload a Special Edition of the CheckDigit and, as a copyright owner and developer, make it completely free to all the ExpertConsultant’s visitors.

But first of all let me give more information on the subject so some of you who are not involved in any type of freight operation would also understand what it is all about. The thing is; all shipping containers (tank containers) have a unique registration number also called a “BIC Code” or an “ISO Alpha-Code” consisting of:

That particular digit is not arbitrary and is being calculated based on the four letters and six numbers before, e.g. for our hypothetical container ABCU 123 321 it should be “9”, therefore the full container number would be ABCU 123 321 – 9. This digit is used to avoid typing (or similar) errors while working with containers and is used to “check” that the rest of the registration number is entered or displayed correctly.

The Check Digit calculator that I am giving away on this website is a very simple program and you can use it to calculate, verify, store or print several BIC Codes with corresponding check digits. All the controls are completely self-explanatory so the software doesn’t require any manual or even a help file. Just enter the four letters and six numbers container code into the entry field and the Check Digit is calculated automatically. Then you can add it to the list, calculate another one, save the list or print it if needed. (see the screenshot below)

CheckDigitI have made some superficial cosmetic changes to the CheckDigit program before recompiling it just to reflect that it is a special edition for the ExpertConsultant visitors. To install it you should first download the trial version from here (CheckDigit Trial). Install it with all default settings into the CheckDigit folder in your Program Files. Then download this converter and run it. The converter will transform the trial into fully working and unlimited Special Edition Check Digit calculator.

You are free to use this program, but I give no guarantees or provide any support for the software. It is confirmed to work on Windows 95/NT/98/2000 /XP. I haven’t tried it on Vista but can’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t work on it. I am not making the source code available but might consider selling it, so please contact me if interested.

March 2008

Copyright © 2008 M. Laziev. All Rights Reserved

At the moment I am in process of licensing the CheckDigit to Freight Forwarders – EU Logistics Directory. Upon completion of the licensing terms it would be available for download from the website.
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