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ExpertConsultant is a specialist website dedicated to the new e-Marketing and e-Commerce trends in the chemical and pharmaceutical B2B environment.

Despite of the rapid development of the Internet business in other areas the above is lagging behind and, in many cases, using inadequate strategies and techniques borrowed from different irrelevant industries.

I have many years of experience in the industry (please see the About page for more details) and therefore decided to put this website to advice and assist companies and consultants that are just starting to work on the e-Marketing strategies and often are not aware of many common pitfalls.

I have promoted several serious companies on the Internet and advised others on many B2B e-Commerce issues using the pioneering “Dual Star” e-Marketing strategy developed by me especially for the industry.

Time permitting, I am planning to put several articles both on B2B e-Commerce and technical issues. Some of them are already online and there is more to come due course, so please check back for more information.

I am also open to cooperation with any interested parties on developing the strategic e-Marketing solutions for chemical, pharmaceutical and other B2B Projects.

M. Laziev

Update on 2nd June 2016

Domain Registration - a nice place to register some not-so-widely-available .am domain and .ge domain plus many other extensions. For all domain registration website owners, if you want to offer the above domains to your clients, I recommend am domain registry and ge domain registry services.

Update on 17th October 2009

Chemical Marketing Strategy

For a limited time only and on a first come first served basis I am offering chemical suppliers and manufacturers working in the UK market (including Import / Export) some premade marketing strategies for the immediate implementation.

Each marketing strategy would include top UK domains for the chemical industry that would allow any chemical supplier or trading company to make an immediate impact on the selected market niche...

Read more....

Update on 28th May 2009

Just finalized three "spare time Projects". Now offering them for sale or rent. If interested or want to discuss other options, please get in touch.

Update on 21st April 2008

Since this website went online two months ago I’ve received serious feedback on the issues discussed here. Based on it I have started a new group on LinkedIN dedicated to Chemical and Pharmaceutical e-Marketing and e-Commerce. I am inviting all Chemical and Pharma professionals to join this group to discuss strategies, professional issues and find solutions for the industry.Please folow the link below to join.

Chemical and Pharma e-Commerce Group
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